Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Hello my loves!

So it has been abit mental lately! Summer holidays have taken over and the small matter of opening my own shop in 10 days 😱 lots to update you on in the coming weeks! Will be back to share pics once it's all ready! 

Here is my opening day leaflet to give you a little taste of what it's about 💗

See you next time,
Danielle xx

Thursday, 16 July 2015

The countdown is on..!

Hi my loves!! Long time no see (again!) 

I come with exciting news..we're going to Disneyworld in December! OMG I am so excited! 

So that means that we have less than 5 months until we go, so expect lots of excited planning posts!

If any of you have any tips for me then please let me know, I'm particularly interested in how to keep 2 children happy on a plane for 9 hours 😯 
I'm already planning outfits and looking on Pinterest for instructions on how to make my own sparkly Minnie Ears!

Also, Charlie and Grace do not know that we are going yet, so I'm looking for fun ideas on how to tell them. So far I'm thinking a personalised letter from a certain ice queen?! Let me know your ideas!

See you next time! Xxx

Monday, 16 March 2015

A little update...

Hello..I hope you're all well?! So, as you know I've just come back to blogging after 3 years!! So much has changed in my life since, back then I was pregnant with Charlie and working part time in the local hospital. Well when I was on maternity leave I decided I didn't want to go back to work, but I needed to think of ways I could earn some money from home. I studied fashion and textile design in college, so I decided to brush off my sewing machine and get sewing again and I haven't looked back!! I set up a Facebook page selling handmade childrens clothing, and I now have nearly 15,000 followers!
It is so great being able to work from home, but it is hard work..there have been so many times when I've wanted to give it all up but I've stuck with it and I am so glad I did, I feel very blessed! I have 4 people working for me (including my Mum and Nan!) so it is all go! Here are some piccies of the clothes that we make and our facebook page is if you wanted to have a nose! So expect a few little sewing tutorials on here in the near future! Xx

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Spring Sunday..

A family friend of ours lives out in the country in a gorgeous converted barn, and this weekend the little ones were lucky enough to go out and meet their new baby lambs! They went with Nanny and Grandad, but I got to see all of the pictures and also the lambs wool which they were very excited to show me! They also fed the chickens and are now asking if we can get some chickens in our garden..I'm not sure Daddy will go along with that idea ;) I just love the spring, there is something about the sunshine that puts a smile on everyone's face and I love having family days out together..lots of them to come! Just look at their little faces..xx

Monday, 9 March 2015

I'm back!!

Hello lovelies!! It has been sooo long since I have blogged, nearly 3 years! But I just felt like now is the right time to get back into it. I have so much to update on, I won't do it all in one post though otherwise we'll be here forever! Obviously the last time I was on here I was about to give birth, well Charlie was born on June 18th 2012. He is such a cheeky, happy little boy and completes our little family. Grace is now 6 (where has the time gone?!)  I hope to regularly post on here now, so I will update you all on the last 3 years which have been extremely busy! But for now i'll leave you with some pictures of my little family xx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

An update from me...34 weeks!

Well, I am now officially on maternity leave! So hopefully I will be able to get on here alot more from now on.
I am now 34 weeks pregnant, so only 6 weeks to go! I had the midwife yesterday who confirmed that baby is in the breech position - I have a scan in 2 weeks to see if he is still that way, and if he is then I will have to discuss with the consultant about having him turned. This scares the life out of me, but so does having a C section, so I have a lot of thinking to do! I am feeling ok at the moment, just really tired and can't get motivated. I am having a lazy week this week, but would like to get out and do some things with Grace next week - providing this horrible weather clears up! 
Just a quick one from me, will be back soon with a more constructive post! 
With love from, Danielle x

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My pregnancy must haves!

Well I am half way through my week off work and i'm not sure if I am feeling less stressed or not!
I absolutely love spending time with Gracie, she is such a cheeky, happy little girl - but lately she has been quite demanding and clingy! I'm not sure if she has actually started to realise that there will be another little person in the house in a couple of months, so is using this to her advantage! I just hope she has snapped out of it by the time baby makes his arrival. 
Anyway, I thought I would share with you a few of my must haves that have helped me so far through this pregnancy - these are things that I have been using daily and really feel like they deserve a mention!

Mama Naked Calming Bath Foam
What they say:
"Whether you’re expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet or the little ones are getting under your feet, Mama Naked has been specifically formulated with you in mind. Our calming bath foam is a welcome treat for those moments when only a long warm bath will do to soothe those achey limbs or caress those tired feet. It’s brimming with a natural blend of aloe vera, calendula and camomile, and because it’s free from harsh chemicals, pregnant and new mums really can relax."

I have only had this for about a week, but I have been using most evenings in my bath and I love it! I love relaxing in a nice bath anyway, but this seriously does feel like it is taking away every ache and pain of mine and really calming me down for a nice nights sleep - I feel like I could fall asleep in the bath!

Johnson's skin perfecting oil
What they say:
"Developed with JOHNSON'S® expertise in soft, delicate skin and enriched with Botanic Oils and vitamin E, JOHNSON'S® Skin Perfecting Oil boosts your skin's elasticity - leaving it feeling beautifully smooth and supple, helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks."

I have horrendous stretchmarks from my pregnancy with Grace, so I knew there was no point trying to avoid them this time around and also trying to get rid of the ones I have when I am pregnant was a stupid idea! But when Johnson's bought out this new skin perfecting oil, I thought I might aswell give it a go and it might even prevent me from getting any new ones! I have been using it for around 4 weeks, but not every day. I use it on damp skin once I get out of the bath and I can seriously say that my stretchmarks do not not look half as bad as I think they should at this stage! I imagined them being very purple by now considering how much my belly has grown, but they are seriously not looking that bad - I can obviously see them more being stretched, but they are basically the same colour as my skin. My belly also seems very smooth. I will definitely carry on using it for the rest of my pregnancy and for quite a while after I think.

What they say;"Our Premium, patented dreamgenii® Pregnancy Pillow is Recommended by Midwives across the UK and is recognised as the only specifically designed pregnancy pillow to adequately support back, bump and knees at the same time without taking up all of the room in the bed. It encourages you to lie on your left side which is the best position for mother and baby (But 
is just as comfortable on your right by passing the leg support through the back of your knees) and gently prevents you from rolling on to your back during your sleep (Which can restrict bloodflow to your baby). Using the dreamgenii® 
Maternity Pillow from about 20 weeks pregnant, can also encourage your baby to adopt the optimal birth position which can mean a shorter and less painful labour. The dreamgenii® Pregnancy Pillow used as a breastfeeding support, is designed to support your back during feeding and keep the baby at the correct height and position for breastfeeding. 

The dreamgenii® Pregnancy Pillow is certified as a Class 1 Medical Device.  It is used by thousands of women during pregnancy, as well as by NHS midwives, breastfeeding coordinators and in NHS delivery suites to provide comfort and support to pregnant women and new mothers."

I LOVE this pillow so much! I have been using it since I was about 15 weeks pregnant, I decided to get a pregnancy pillow this time around because I never had one with Grace and was constantly using pillows between my legs, under my bump and behind my back - and this does all that for me! I chose this one because I liked the fact that it stops me from rolling onto my back, it is so comfortable and having a pillow between my legs really helps to take the pressure off my pelvis. I even use it when i'm watching tv on the sofa! I have had no trouble sleeping at all and think it is definitely down to this!

Do you have any must haves that have helped you through your pregnancy? Would love to hear them!
Have a lovely Easter everyone! With love, Danielle x